Coaching & Development Consultancy 


We are a Coaching and Development Consultancy headed  by 

Jill Cruickshank.

Our vision is to deliver Coaching and Development solutions that inspire you and the people around you to achieve success through sustainable change. 

We do this by providing personal coaching and bespoke development solutions for individuals, organisations and families.


What We Do.

From personal coaching for adults and youths, to bespoke development for large organisations to small family businesses - we offer a wide range of services.


Who We Are.

“To deliver Coaching and Development solutions that inspire you and those around you to achieve success through sustainable change”


Our vision is supported by a desire to create a positive and encouraging environment that leads our clients to the solutions that makes the greatest difference.


Leading2Solutions has worked with a wide range of clients on an individual basis and delivered Development solutions in Public Sector, Private Sector and Education. 


We have also had success working with many younger clients and students. In particular late primary and secondary pupils with a desire to improve their confidence, self esteem and achieve success.


Leading2Solutions was established in 2008 by Jill Cruickshank, Jill has a BSc Hons in Pharmacy, spent 15 years in key Leadership roles and is qualified in NLP & CBT


Jill has a passion for self development and developing others and has had the opportunity to work with a number of great leaders, and coaches  to allow her to enhance her own coaching , development skills, and style and techniques.