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Introducing the 5W2 Series

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

NEW for 2018 - The MUST READ '5W2' series!

HAPPY New Year fellow Pharmacists and welcome to an introduction to the “5W2”series.

By way of an explanation let’s start with a little SBAR!

Situation My name is Jill Cruickshank and last year I met Ross Ferguson at the Pharmacy Management Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy (CLIP) Awards ceremony and after a visit to the pub and much pharmacy chat he asked if I would like to write some articles for Pharmacy in Practice!


I have been a community pharmacist for 27 years and have run my own coaching & development consultancy, Leading2Solutions for the last 11 years and have gained qualifications in both NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

I have a passion for all aspects of development whether it’s my own or others and this was one of the main reasons I initially signed up for the Pharmacy Management CLIP programme.

As part of the programme each of the delegates had to complete a healthcare improvement project, and I chose a project which focused on behavioural, rather than clinical, outcomes.

I was keen to understand what pharmacists required to:

  • Value themselves for the contribution they make.

  • See themselves as equal to other healthcare professionals.

  • Have the confidence to embrace & deliver the changing pharmacy environment.

This involved interviewing pharmacists, patients and other healthcare professionals in order to establish:

  • How much they valuedthemselves as pharmacists.

  • How confidentthey were in different situations.

  • What made great communicationbetween healthcare professionals.

Assessment The interviewee responses were extremely varied but one of the main themes that came through was that we rightly place a strong emphasis on our professional development, but perhaps there is less focus on the softer skills, in particular our emotional development (ED).

Our emotions dictate our response to others and situations. By focusing on strategies and techniques that help us understand and manage our own and others emotions, this will enable us to be our “Best Self” in our area of pharmacy practice.

Examples of ED strategies and techniques include:

  • Self coaching.

  • Value elicitation.

  • Building resilience.

  • Managing state (of mind).

  • Stress management.

  • Mindfulness

Another way of looking at it is:

“Emotional Development is Quality Improvement (QI) of the Mind.”

Recommendation So having a passion for my profession, development and a desire to take the concept of emotional development ahead, I decided to lock myself away in a darkened room and channel my inner author!

After a few days and feedback sought from some pharmacy pals I have created the 5W2 series.

The 5W2 series is a selection of short articles on strategies and techniques to support our emotional development within our professional roles. Each article will include tried and tested practical self-development tools.

The first one in the series will be: Five Ways to Manage Stress, and will cover:

  1. Understanding what triggers stress.

  2. How to prevent stress.

  3. Quick & easy remedies if you are stressed.

  4. Self Care.

  5. The Power of Humour.

The Five Ways to Manage Stress will be with you in the next two weeks, but in the meantime, if anyone wants to find out more about anything in this introductory article please get in touch via the details below.

©Leading2solutions2018 Jill Cruickshank is a Coaching and Development Consultant at Leading2Solutions, a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Community Pharmacist.

Contact Jill by e-mail, follow her on Twitter @JillCruickL2Sand check out her website.

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